other commitments I have had little time to follow through. The original files were created using Adobe's GoLIve software for the Mac operating system. I have long since migrated to Windows so the challenge was to not only gather all of the original archived images and convert them for use in the new website format, but to see what I could salvage from the original GoLive design/layout.

Story 121 debut in January 2010 featuring an interview with large format filmmaker/producer David Marks. Click on the image to read the article.

in 2005 when I started to interview local filmmakers and technology creators to find out how they were building their business in NJ.
From that moment onward, for the next five years, the webzine evolved into a full time effort. Before long, I was able to gain access to companies like MMC/Panasonic HDTV Studios, Roller Coaster Studios, PAWS & Co and Vision Research. In addition I was recognized as a member of the press for my work and covered events like the annual infoComm convention, Video Games Live, Hot Import Nights, Formula Drift, NAB, Streaming Media East, the Engage Expo/Toy Fair, The Garden State Film Festival and many others.

Having since retired the webzine back in 2010, I have had several requests to re-post many of the articles I had written but due to
New Jersey could offer. During my travels I uncovered a WW2 submarine, a silver mine museum, an airliner, office spaces and many other locations that were available and underutilized by independent filmmakers in the Garden State.
From there the question became, if the resources are available, why aren't filmmakers taking advantage of them?
Stage two of the webzine began
Future iNCITE! began in 2002 based on the simple premise that New Jersey had the same production infrastructure for film and TV that New York had. Why then had it been eclipsed?
Armed with a Canon Powershot G5 and a boundless curiousity (and of course a passion for filmmaking) I undertook a series of photo-safari's, scouting unique locations for potential projects that only