link to 2014 blender conference presentation of designed for battle

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designed for battle poster image
inserts with their products. 
As a result, to get exactly what I want, I'll have to self produce the distribution as well. I'll provide updates on the NEWS blog.
It's been a fantastic project, I'm quite pleased how it came out and I can't wait for everyone interested in unique aircraft history to see it.
From there, it went on to earn five awards; two from the 2014 Videographer Awards and three from the 2014 Accolade Global Film Competition.
In addition, I was invited to give a making of presentation at the 2014 Blender Conference in Amsterdam, NL. 

With the project completed, the next hurdle has been distribution. The documentary will be offered on DVD with some additional materials included. Unfortunately, the larger distribution companies of independent media do not offer copy protection nor custom art
images and motion pictures to tell this story.
In anticipation of its completion, the documentary was written about by Ron Kaplan for Warbirds Digest (Issue #53) and I gave a short, making of presentation via WEBEX at the Boeing Aircraft facility in Philadelphia. 
The documentary was first shown at the AHS International Patuxent River 4th International Specialist Meeting on Vertical Lift Aircraft Research, Development, Test & Evaluation. I was given an honorary membership for my presentation.
Winner of five awards, Designed For
Battle: VTOL Model 49 and the AAFSS
Program began with an experiment;
how could I add computer modeling
and animation to my skillset? I had used computer animation programs before, so I wrongly inferred that the project would take only a few months to complete. Two and a half years later, what was intended to be a five minute test became a short documentary. A year was required just to render out the 200 animations created for this self-produced project and another year was necessary to gather the rare archival documents,