Working as Freelance Videographer/Editor and Animator at the Princeton University Broadcast Center
On Camera 3 during the 2016 Service Recognition Luncheon
To make the review process fun for the stakeholders, I would incorporate several easter eggs within the animation, that added production value and heightened interest. It was a great way to engage the client. After two months the project was finished on time. The animation was so well received by OIT, that there is a chance the star may be in another video in the future...
As with any computer animated project, all of the assets have to be built from scratch- I took the time to build an office and a dorm set based on examples on the Princeton campus, populated it with the necessary props and created the Tiger model. All items had to be textured and the Tiger had to be rigged and animated for the one minute piece (In addition to my regular Videographer projects).
From the start my plan was to create the animation using Blender 3D and to utilize the University's mascot, the Princeton Tiger, as the star. This did two things; it created a "brand" character for the University and it was an animation that would be unique to Princeton- it could not be "borrowed" by another University. Once the stakeholders were on board with my idea, the real work began.
Wow how time flies! This is my second year with the Broadcast Center working as a freelance Videographer/Editor and a busy year it has been. Each semester I am tasked with producing an "event" video in which I am allowed to take the reigns on a project. This year I was asked by the Office of Information Technology to create a tutorial animation for the roll out of the new DUO authentication system.